Government of Uttar Pradesh

नगर निगम मथुरा वृन्दावन

Aims and Objectives

Mathura council is divided in 45 wards in accordance with the Article 3 of the Mathura Act. According to the Article 7, aims and objectives of the Municipality are as follows:

  • 1. Street light and water facility at all places.
  • 2. Survey and boundary marking of the municipality.
  • 3. Cleanliness and maintenance of the area to avoid any nuisance.
  • 4. Regulation of intercessory and objectionable practices.
  • 5. Sheltering and removal of stray animals.
  • 6. Removal of undesirable barriers and interpolation in public places for public safety, health and convenience.
  • 7. Provision of a place for decantation of dead bodies and approval on the unclaimed bodies.
  • 8. Development and maintenance of public amenities, sewers, roads and market places.
  • 9. Water facility at residential, industrial and commercial places.
  • 10. Tree plantation along the roadsides for greener environment and their maintenance.
  • 11. Provision of clean water for the citizens to minimize the health risks and measures to stop further water pollution of water resources like.
  • 12. Maintaining Vaccine System for public.
  • 13. To maintenance and develop hospitals for public use.
  • 14. To establish, maintain and assist the delivery of child welfare centers and birth control clinics, and to improve family welfare and population control by promoting small family ideology.
  • 15. Establishment and maintenance of pet clinics.
  • 16. Promoting the idea of healthy mind and body and establishing centers for it.
  • 17. Development and maintenance of the elementary schools.
  • 18. Establishing fire stations in the area to provide assistance during fire accidents.
  • 19. Protecting and maintaining the municipality entrusted property.
  • 20. Maintaining the financial system of the municipality and completing the concerned duties.
  • 21. Giving immediate attention to government letters and preparing such details, statements and reports, which the state government expects to submit to the municipality.
  • 22. Fulfilling any obligation imposed on it by law.
  • 23. Construction and maintenance of parking space, bus stop and public facilities.
  • 24. Conservation of urban forestry and the aspects of the situation and the protection of the environment.
  • 25. Protecting the interests of the weaker sections of society, under which there are disabled and mentally retarded people.
  • 26. Enhance the cultural, emotional and harmonious aspects.
  • 27. Reducing urban poverty and improving the dirty places.
  • Legislative acts of municipality:
  • 1. Prepare and execute the master plan of development of municipality.
  • 2. Construction and maintenance of the public utility services like library, museums, child day care, orphanage, women care centers, public toilets, houses, wells and ponds.
  • 3. Census and reward for information that ensures proper registration of birth and death certificates.
  • 4. Establishing and maintaining support work in case of local adversity.
  • 5. Establishment and Maintenance of farm or factory for the sieve disposal.
  • 6. Facility for organic compost and manure preparation.
  • 7. Assist and maintain the smooth operation of public transport system.
  • 8. Improve and enhance the tourism facilities.
  • 9. Housing and building planning and its execution.
  • 10. Business and industrial improvement planning.
  • 11. Establishing labor welfare and assistance in providing grants and loans to the employees.
  • 12. Organizing and maintaining municipal union.
  • 13. Improving the health, security and convenience of the people.
  • 14. Improving the social disabilities of the backward classes and scheduled castes.
  • 15. Measures to curb street begging.
  • According to the Article 128 of Mathura Act following can be implemented :
  • 1. Annual taxes on the value of land and houses.
  • 2. Cleansing and removal of poisonous substances and pollutants from sewers, toilets and urinals.
  • 3. In addition to the tax specified, the municipality may impose any tax on any of the following, i.e.
  • Business and livelihoods which are within the municipal boundaries and are reaping special benefits from it,

    Taxes on drama related organization,

    Taxes on dogs kept in the municipality,

    Sanitation taxes,

    Taxes on real estates within the municipality.