Government of Uttar Pradesh

नगर निगम मथुरा वृन्दावन


Nagar Nigam in India are state government formed departments that works for the development of a metropolitan city, which has a population of more than 1 million.

They are formed under the Corporations Act of 1835 of Panchayati Raj System which mainly deals in providing essential services in every small town as well as village of a district/city. Their elections are held once in five year and the people choose the candidates. It interacts directly with the state government, though it is administratively part of the district it is located in.

The town is divided into wards according to its population, and representatives are elected from each ward. The members elect a president among themselves to preside over and conduct meetings. The Mayor heads the Nagar Nigam. The corporation remains under the charge of Municipal Commissioner. The Executive Officers along with the Mayor and Councilors monitor and implement the programs related to planning the development of the corporation.

A Municipal Corporation or Nagar Nigam looks after providing the essential services to the people like hospitals, water supply, drainage, market places, fire brigades, roads, over bridge, solid waste, street lighting, parks, education, birth and death records in the area.

  • Roles and duties of a councilor are:
  • To work towards the welfare and interest of the municipality as a whole,
  • To participate in the meetings,
  • To develop and evaluate the programs and policies of municipality.