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A calf died on the road

14/Jun/2022 | posted by Bholesh Goswami

ek bachdda raat ko sadak ke bich mar gya h use kutte kha rhe h krpya jald se jald is samasya ka nidaan kre [...]
Shri.Banke Bihari Mandir

31/Mar/2021 | posted by Jitender Wadhawan

Temple timings, temple timings to visit shree banke bihari ji, temple timings for summer and winter, temple timings for entire year. [...]
Issue Not Resolved/ Poor Service/ No body picking call @05652503632

30/Mar/2021 | posted by Vivek Saraswat

Compliant No. C-8911-20210327195457700, this i have created and is pending since long. When i tried the phone no. 05652503632 no body is there to tak [...]
House Tax

09/Feb/2021 | posted by MAMTA ADHAULYA

Sir when we are able to House tax can be deposit online [...]
Marige Certificate

15/Jan/2021 | posted by ajay sharma

Marige Certificate option is not show online please mention this option [...]

07/Jan/2021 | posted by RAJA FAHEEM KHAN

street light not working

11/Sep/2020 | posted by ASHOK GUPTA

sir , ludhiyana gali me 3 street light kharab hai, kripiya unhe badal wane ka kast kare, prarthi ashok gupta [...]
Govardhan Hill

17/Dec/2018 | posted by Ashish

The Govardhan Hill is considered to be a holy place. It is rooted in Hindu mythology and many people come to visit this iconic place. According to anc [...]
Banke Bihari Temple

17/Dec/2018 | posted by Ashish

This is one of the more crowded temples in Vrindavan. Most of the devotees here come on pilgrimages. It is best to go here to experience the local cul [...]
Seva Kunj and Nidhivan

17/Dec/2018 | posted by Ashish

The temple is historically known as the place where Lord Krishna came to meet Radha. The Ras Leela is performed here regularly and it is a great feeli [...]
Dwarkadhish Temple

17/Dec/2018 | posted by Ashish

The Dwarkadhish Temple is where you can sit in silence in an awesome atmosphere for prayer. The temple looks stunning and is built using a true Indian [...]
Prem Mandir in Vrindavan

13/Dec/2018 | posted by Ashish

प्रेम मंदिर (Prem Mandir) is a monument of God`s love. This devotional centre will serve all who come in search of God`s love, through knowledge and t [...]